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New Single! Is It You Babe?

To Your Door – from the album ‘Entering The Circus’

New video Watch Your Game

Release new album ‘Entering The Circus’ January 25 2019!

Teaser Album ‘Entering The Circus’

New Single ‘Bury The Hatchet’ taken from the forhtcoming album ‘Entering The Circus’!

Single ‘Ohio’!

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Live album ‘Live Trails’

VanderLinde Live Trails

VANDERLINDE and their producer have declined to be paid for their work on this album. They have pledged that all proceeds from the sales of this record will benefit the orphanage in Olon, Ecuador, where Erwin Musper is working every day as a volunteer to give those children a spark of hope for their future.

Because you bought this album, you are part of turning this spark into a bonfire. The kids say GRACIAS.


Arjan van der Linde

Arjan van der Linde

Wietze Koning

Wietze Koning

Bart Schwertmann

Bart Schwertmann

Fokke de Jong

Fokke de Jong

Christof Bauwens

Christof Bauwens


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Southbound Train Compilation

door Vanderlinde | Southbound Train

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